Sunday, 27 January 2013

How to Get at Your Photos

Finding Your Pictures

Ok so the photo shoot is done and you are wondering how to get at all of your new pictures. You should have received a link in an email or you can go to, click on "Client Access" (or just click here) and find your gallery in the list.

Once inside you may be presented with a screen that looks like this

This is a registration page that will allow you to pick your favourite pictures and have them pushed into a separate gallery for you.

Once you have registered you will see a personal page that has been created for you. You are the only one who will see this page. Now when you click on one of the galleries you will see this below the photos.

By clicking on the heart the selected picture will be added to your favourites.

Getting Prints & Downloading

Now that you have your favourites picked, how do you get your photos.

If you want prints, framed photos, or other merchandise you can click the Buy button.

If you want to download the pictures then just hit the Download button.

If you want all the pictures then just send me an email and I will send you a zip file with all of the images in it or just your favourites if you don't want space taken up on your computer by a couple thousand photos. Once you receive this simply decompress the file and you will have all of the .jpg files  on your computer. These files are at a 20-22 megapixel res and are ready to print just about any size if you want to take them to a print shop.