Thursday, 6 August 2009

Robyn and Mark do Moxies

As a photographer, having friends who are stunningly beautiful and willing to have their picture taken is fantastic. Robyn just so happens to be one of these stunningly beautiful friends and she managed to talk the managers at Moxies into allowing us to do a photo shoot in their restaurant (Big thanks and props to Moxies for allowing us in!!!). We showed up at 6 am, a little bleary-eyed but none the less excited for our photo shoot. Then we realized that we had forgotten a few things so we had to leave and pick them up but got started eventually. The architecture/ interior design of the restaurant provided a very chic atmosphere for the pictures. Robyn rocked the shoot with her beautiful eyes and excellent fashion sense!

After the restaurant we went out to a park to get some out door pictures. It was cloudy but that just meant that the pictures turned out fantastic with the soft light.

Robyn in the Park by Mark Derry Photography